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This project came about after a 2015 meeting with Jacques Delatour in NOLA. We then organized a December 2017 recording session at the Music Shed with this top-drawer group of New Orleans musicians, Peter Rozé (guitar), Jake Gold (keyboards), Kyle ShaBram Sharamitaro (drums), Ted Long (bass), Ejric Bernhardt (saxophones) and great mastering by Bruce Barielle. The CD was released in July 2018.

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In NOLA I connected with audio engineers Jacques DeLatour and Clay Smith and they were able to save, transfer, and enhance the original live cassette tape recordings from the State Street Band circa 1981 and SAILCAT circa 1976. It was a pleasure to meet and work with them and the sound quality is greatly improved. A few more of these tracks are posted on YouTube.

State Street Band w Tom Brewer 1981 Holy Moly

John Sexton (Trombone), Tom Brewer (Vocals), Dan Anderson (Bass), Bill French (Drums), Martin Alblinger (Guitar).

On YouTube

State Street Band w Tom Brewer 1981 Autumn Leaves

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SAILCAT  Unchain My Heart 1976

Members L to R: Brian Moore (drums), Ed Maliskas (piano/vocals), Perry Hamilton (bass/vocals), Tom Brewer (vocals/percussion), Martin Cupp (blazing guitar).

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SAILCAT 2 TOO HIGH (S.Wonder) 1976

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